bone and gut diseases


The art of medicine starts where medical guidelines end…

Bone and Gut Diseases:
Sound Diagnostics and Therapy by Prof Heinrich Resch

Intestinal diseases like Crohn´s disease, musculosceletal disorders and all bone and joint diseases like osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis are among our area of expertise. The medical team around Prof Resch offers profound diagnostics and state of the art therapies for bone and gut diseases. Here you are in good hands!

Prof Heinrich Resch is among the most distingushed international experts on bone and also gut diseases. His team of experts (22 doctors, 9 of which are senior physicians) complement one another perfectly in professional competence. Many of these physicians are also doing medical research and are regarded as renowned specialists in their respective areas of expertise.

In diagnostics and therapy of disorders of stomach, small intestine and colon, as well as musculosceletal disorders, the team around Prof Resch applies only high standard medical equipment. Of course the medication is consistent with the latest state of the art.

Prof Resch and his team are offering:

  • Diagnostics and therapy of bone and gut diseases thet are state of the art and consider the latest scientific expertise, and are at the same time carried out quickly and straightforwardly.
  • Patientorientated consultation at eyelevel, where doctor and patient take each other seriously and the physician responds to you individually.
  • Medical knowledge of high-profile physicians, that are doing valuable research on the topic of intestines, stomach, bones and joints and apply this knowledge when treating your bone or intestinal diseases.

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